the winding trails
the sun-kissed waves
the wondrous sights
this is big sur

if i could use one word to capture big sur, i would. but, i can’t; if you’ve been there then you know what i mean. and if you haven’t, just go.
it’s natural beauty make this place a fit for everyone – breathtaking hikes, relaxing drives, and surreal camping spots create the euphoric environment you never want to leave. and the drive to big sur on its own is just as jaw-dropping as your time there. ocean views melding with sky-high redwoods; this is the perfect getaway spot no matter the season.
big sur threw me out of my daily comfort zone, shook me from my regular routine, and forced me to see the world in a different way. all i can say is go there. no excuses. camp, rent a place, sleep in your car: it doesn’t matter. just do it.
video and words: tim williams (@timallday)
how i travel feature photographer for carly mask and marina janeiko

Joseph Owen | Big Sur

whilst driving the coastal road we were lucky enough to spot endangered condors, elephant seals, a sea otter and a grey whale in the space of just a few hours. pure magic.
photo and words: joseph owen (@josephowen)

Noel Alva | Big Sur

there’s a state of tranquility when you get to see the sunrise or sunset by a majestic body of water. feeling an ocean that stretches continents and knowing that somewhere on the other side is someone doing the same thing — dreaming.
big sur has a beauty that keeps me dreaming and coming back. hugging a road that stretches miles and miles on coastal cliffs is what my dreams are made of.
photo and words: noel alva (@noel.alva)

Andrew Oxenham | Big Sur

being in big sur is like running through a field of fireflies: the land seems to leap out of itself as the sea surrounds you with mist. look left and you’ll see the land sprawling out; look right and you’ll see it doing the exact same thing. this is the everlasting coast.
photo and words: andrew oxenham (@oxenham)

Henry Wu | Big Sur

visiting big sur was an experience i’ll never forget. there truly are zero distractions when you’re fully immersed in its awe-inspiring nature; views of the rolling clouds and lapping ocean during the day gradually blend into the stunning milky way at night.
photo and words: henry wu (@henrykhwu)

see you soon, big sur


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Big Sur
Big Sur