Juni Review: The Financial Companion For Ecommerce & Media Buyers

Juni is a financial companion that optimizes your cash flow by integrating all your financials into one place. Users can set up payments and track their ROI across their entire business from their Juni dashboard.

Juni provides the most affordable and flexible way to manage your business’ finances, and it has plans to expand soon. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, low-fee fintech solution for digital entrepreneurs, Juni is an excellent choice.

What Is Juni?

Juni is a fintech solution created in Gothenburg, Sweden. It optimizes and automates the integration between different financial services—including ad networks, payment gateways and bank accounts—into a single platform. It also allows you to improve your cash flow by tracking your return on investment (ROI) in real time.

Juni was built specifically for digital entrepreneurs and companies selling products online, like ecommerce brands, media buyers, and marketing agencies. Digital nomads and affiliate marketers can also benefit from Juni’s financial companion. Currently, Juni is available for limited liability companies (LLCs) in the UK, EU and Norway.

Juni aims to provide less expensive and flexible financial services than brick-and-mortar banks. It prides itself in having the lowest fees: most of Juni’s services are provided free of charge, which I’ll touch on in the Pricing section below.

Who Is Juni For?

Many businesses can benefit from Juni’s intuitive integrations and all-in-one dashboard. However, some businesses stand to gain more than others from Juni. Here are the three that stand out the most to me:

#1 Ecommerce Retailers

Ecommerce retailers tend to get their traffic from a few key sources: organic search, social media, and paid advertising. But once they find an ad that works, many retailers find themselves spending thousands of dollars a day on it until their ROAS drops.

With Juni, you don’t need to double- and triple-check the amounts you’re paying to the big ad networks; through its integration with Google Ads and Facebook Ads (coming soon), Juni will automatically fetch invoices and match them to costs in the Juni dashboard. With all of your invoices and costs available in one place, you can easily share them with your accountant and track your ad spend at a glance, saving you time and money.

Here are some details of the integration:

  • Spend Insights: KPI tracking across different Google Ad accounts, showing cost, clicks, impressions, conversions in a widget over the customer’s chosen time frame
  • Auto-Receipt Generation: Juni will generate receipts automatically for Google Ads transactions made on Juni card, to save you the time of downloading these from Google, this applies equally to Juni credit transactions
  • Credit Invoice Pulling: Juni will automatically pull credit invoices showing the amount due on the credit line and when it is due, making this easily available for viewing and download

#2 Media Buyers

Like ecommerce firms, media buyers allocate a lot of funds to advertising spend. Unlike ecommerce firms, media buyers may be managing ads for multiple different brands simultaneously, which means keeping extremely clean books is a must.

It’s hard to keep track of the money going in and out of all of your accounts when they’re all in different places. With Juni, you can bring all your accounts together, giving you a better vantage point to make smarter financial decisions.

#3 Dropshippers

Dropshippers experience many of the same pain points as ecommerce firms: they’re advertising across multiple ad networks and have a hard time seeing exactly when their working capital will dry up. Even though they don’t pay for the product until an order comes in, advertising spend often exceeds the product cost itself, which means dropshippers need to be strategic in their advertising as they scale.

With Juni, you get a global view of your ad spending and budgets, which allows you to allocate capital more effectively, even when funds are running low. 

Of course, these aren’t the only companies Juni is good for: marketing agencies, affiliate marketers and other digital entrepreneurs are a great fit, too.

Pros & Cons Of Juni


  • Free To Open An Account: Creating an account with Juni comes at no cost; as long as your company meets the requirements, you can sign up. 
  • No Personal Credit Checks: Juni does not check your personal credit history and uses publicly available records in its due diligence on company directors and shareholders.
  • Multiple Currencies Supported: You can open a Juni IBAN account in EUR, GBP, or USD at no cost. You can even have multiple virtual cards to facilitate transactions in different currencies, saving you money on foreign exchange and FX fees. 
  • Your Funds, Safeguarded: The money in your Juni IBAN accounts is kept safe in different places, depending on the currency you have chosen: Bank of England (£), Cross River Bank ($), and the Bank of Lithuania (€).
  • All-In-One Banking Integration Solution: Juni integrates all of the accounts and services you use into a single platform, the Juni dashboard. From there, you can keep track of your company’s return on investment in real time.
  • Balance Alerts: Juni has the option to set up alerts when the balance in one of your accounts reaches a certain threshold, helping you avoid possible overdraft fees.


The one main drawback to Juni is that it’s only available in the European Economic Area (EEA), though they do have plans to expand. If your business operates outside of the EEA, though, you’ll have to wait before you can work with Juni. 

Now that we’ve looked at the pros and cons of Juni, let’s take a deeper dive into the features and benefits.

Features & Benefits 

#1 All-In-One Banking Integration

The Juni dashboard allows you to control all of your company’s financials in one place. You can integrate your ad networks, payment gateways, and bank accounts all inside of Juni to get a global view of what’s happening in your business. 

The Juni dashboard also makes it easy to track your business’ ROI and day-to-day growth and get financial updates sent to you at regular intervals. If you’re regularly checking multiple dashboards and stitching disparate pieces of information together, Juni is a good solution for you.

#2 Automatic Invoice Reconciliation 

Juni will automatically track invoices from Google Ads and Facebook Ads (coming soon) within your email account and match them to your statements from those ad networks. This ensures you’ll never pay more than you should and catches any possible errors as soon as they come up.

Invoice reconciliation also means your accountant can spend less time double-checking transactions and more time on value-added activities, saving you money and streamlining your processes.

#3 Earn Cashback On All Transactions

All Juni users earn up to 1% cashback on all eligible spend placed on their Juni card. Plus, there’s a promotional rate of 2% cashback on all ad spend for all new customers, for their first 30 days.

#4 Free Physical Platinum Card & Unlimited Free Virtual Platinum Cards

Your physical Platinum Card is free, and you can also create as many virtual Platinum Cards as you want, all at no cost. 

Virtual cards are especially useful for fraud prevention, since you can set them only to be used for a single transaction. Plus, if Facebook or another ad network places a limitation on one of your cards, you can simply create a new virtual card and keep your ads going like nothing happened.

#5 Juni Credit Card

The Juni credit card makes it easy to track your spending from within the Juni dashboard. The card is currently available only for companies registered in the UK, but Juni does have plans to expand its credit offering in the future.

Juni credit cardholders receive up to 1% cashback on their eligible card spend, and are eligible for flexible credit limits up to a maximum of £2,000,000. Spending is interest-free, and payment terms range from 37 days all the way up to 60 days.

#6 World-Class Customer Support

Upon signing up, all Juni users are assigned a dedicated account manager who will help you learn the ropes and manage your business. If you have any issues along the way, your account manager will take care of them for you, eliminating any friction and freeing you up to focus on growing your business.

#7 Supports Most Payment Platforms 

You can use Juni to make SEPA, non-SEPA, and SWIFT transfers. Juni also offers integration with PayPal and Stripe and is working to integrate ClickBank and Braintree to ensure all payments in and out of your account are processed quickly and smoothly.

#8 Integration With Ad Networks & An Accounting Software

Juni recently announced two major partnerships: with the ad network Zeropark and the accounting software Xero. As time goes on, Juni will be integrating with more third parties, increasing the value of your account over time.

Juni Pricing

  • Juni Physical Platinum Credit Visa® – Free
  • Juni Virtual Platinum Credit Visa® – Free
  • EUR/GBP/USD IBAN Accounts – Free
  • SEPA & Faster Payment Transfer – Free
  • ATM Withdrawals – Free
  • Card FX Fee – Free
  • SWIFT Transfer – €20

Two notes on Juni’s pricing:

  1. SWIFT transfers are free for same-currency transfers. Non-account currency transfers incur a 0.3% – 0.4% foreign exchange conversion fee.
  2. Visa may apply charges on foreign currency exchange.

How To Apply

One of the biggest benefits of Juni is how easy it is to get started. In just a couple of minutes, you can have your account up and running. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Click on the Open An Account button.
  2. Fill out your company’s basic information. Remember that Juni is currently available only for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).
  3. Tell Juni about the primary platforms you advertise on so it can create an experience tailored to your needs
  4. Verify your business by uploading your three last months of bank statements or your last three months of invoices from a major ad network.
  5. Submit identification to verify your company and your company’s directors.

Juni Customer Reviews

Juni has very positive reviews from its users, and it holds an average rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot.

Here’s what some of those users have to say about Juni:

  • “Great customer support, fast, cheap and easy. Still missing some features like recurring payments, but customer support promised that this will be ready soon!” – Phillip K.
  • “Having tried competitors, Juni is a fresh breeze of efficiency. Their support is great, integrations, response time is fast and it kind of feels personal with them.” – Ali J.
  • “Juni is working great for us. I love the cashback on our ad spend.” – Longvadon Inc.
  • “I’ve been using Juni for over a month and I am extremely happy with the level of service. Although our spending is rather minimal (less than 20K), our account manager is always there & happy to help.” – Dimitris.
  • “Great support, the virtual cards are super useful, and multiple accounts allow you to better manage your business.” – Stefan D.

In Summary

Juni is a financial companion that optimizes your cash flow by integrating all your financials into one place. Users can set up payments and track their ROI across their entire business from their Juni dashboard.

Juni provides the most affordable and flexible way to manage your business’ finances, and it has plans to expand soon. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, low-fee fintech solution for digital entrepreneurs, Juni is an excellent choice.

Juni FAQs

When Do I Receive The Cashback?

Cashback is credited to your Juni account in the same currency 30 days after the end of each month.

Does Juni Offer Credit Cards?

Yes! The Juni credit card was launched in February 2022 in the UK. 

Does Juni Check My Credit Score?

Juni does not conduct credit reports on individuals as part of their screening process. They only check users’ information and credit scores through national business registrations and the credit bureau.

Where Is My Money Held?

Depending on the currency you’ve chosen, the cash in your Juni account is kept in different places. EUR and USD funds are stored in Luxembourg with Juni’s banking partner BankingCircle. The GBP funds are stored in the United Kingdom with Juni’s UK partner, Railsbank.

Does Juni Work With PayPal?

Yes. To receive money from PayPal, you must first create a PayPal Business account, keeping in mind that PayPal requires that your PayPal account match the country on your IBAN account.

Does Juni Work With Stripe?

Yes. You can integrate Stripe with your Juni account in the same manner as you would another bank account.

How To Integrate Your Bank With Juni

To link your other bank accounts and payment systems to your Juni dashboard, go to the menu on the left side and select ‘integrations.’ Follow the instructions after clicking “Add integration.” You can integrate as many bank accounts with Juni as you want.

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