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N26 You

N26 You is N26’s brand new bank account, replacing the former N26 Black. After using N26 Black for several years, as well as testing out dozens of other bank accounts (both traditional and online banks), we believe the brand new N26 You is the best premium credit card and bank account for most users.

With features like free worldwide ATM withdrawals, exceptional travel insurance coverage and fee-free foreign transactions in any currency, N26 You will change the way you bank in the best way possible.

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N26 You - A bank account for frequent travelers and digital nomads

N26 You is probably the hottest banking product in the world right now. The premium account of N26, N26 You comes with a host of impressive benefits, including travel insurance and fee-free ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world. But as someone thinking of signing up, you’re asking yourself: why N26? We’ve written this post to help you decide whether N26 is right for you.

This review is split into ten distinct sections:

#1 What Is N26?

Put simply, N26 is the best online bank for most people.

N26 offers a host of great features, including:

  • Free worldwide ATM withdrawals: Wherever you are in the world, N26 You and N26 Metal members can withdraw from any ATM at the inter-bank exchange rate with zero fees, as if you’re still at home.
  • Free international money transfers: Send an unlimited number of money transfers to friends, colleagues, suppliers, customers–all for free.
  • An extremely powerful app: Toggle online payments and spending limits, reset your PIN, pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay, receive real-time transaction notifications, and a lot more–all in the N26 app.

N26 You and N26 Metal, the bank’s super-premium account, also come with an exceptional travel & medical insurance plan, which includes:

  • Medical expenses up to an unlimited amount.
  • Travel cancellation insurance up to €5,000 per trip.
  • Flight and luggage delay insurance up to €400.
  • Stolen cash insurance up to €500.
  • Stolen mobile phone insurance up to €300.
  • Extended warranty on purchases up to €500.

There’s a lot more to the N26 insurance policy than that–including why we recommend combining N26 with SafetyWing for the ultimate travel & medical insurance combination–but this gives you a good idea of what N26 is all about.

Now that you know the basics of N26, let’s dive deeper into their premium account: N26 You.

The N26 You card comes in five distinct colors: Aqua, Rhubarb, Sand, Ocean and Slate.
The N26 You card comes in five distinct colors: Aqua, Rhubarb, Sand, Ocean and Slate.

#2 Features Of N26 You

There are two features of N26 You that are going to change the way you bank: free worldwide ATM withdrawals and its exceptional travel & medical insurance policy.

We’re going to look at both of these in detail in the next two sections.

For now, though, here are a few more features worth getting excited about:

  1. Apple Pay. That’s right – as of December 11, 2018, Apple Pay is in Germany, and N26 adopted it right away. You can now pay anywhere in Germany that accepts Apple Pay with your N26 card. Google Pay works, too.
  2. Real-time transaction notifications. Whenever money goes in or out of your account, whether it’s a transfer you’ve initiated or a pre-authorized payment, you’ll get a notification.
  3. Transaction categories. Every transaction is assigned a category like “Bars & Restaurants” or “Travel & Holidays” to keep track of your spending that way. Just another benefit of having a banking tool built by coders, rather than a piece of technology built by bankers.
  4. PIN resets. Resetting your PIN at any time is as simple as logging into the app and changing it. No calling N26, no trips to the ATM, etc etc. 30 seconds and it’s done.
  5. Locking your card. Just like resetting your PIN, locking your card to make it unusable for a period of time is as simple as logging in and pressing the button. Unlocking it is just as easy.
  6. Payments abroad, online payments and cash withdrawals. For your security, you can toggle these on and off at any time.
  7. Spending and withdrawal limits. Another security feature that you can choose and change in the app at any time.

N26 Bank Review - Apple Pay

Contrary to what you may have heard, N26 You does not come with airport lounge access. For that, you’ll have to look at something like the American Express Platinum.

#3 Free Worldwide ATM Withdrawals

N26 partners with TransferWise to offer fee-free foreign currency withdrawals all around the world (read our in-depth TransferWise review here). What does that mean? It means that you can withdraw cash at the real exchange rate, which is the up-to-the-second exchange rate that banks use when sending money back and forth across borders. In other words, it’s the most accurate – and also the most favorable – exchange rate you’ll get anywhere in the world. And you can get it at any ATM that accepts MasterCard, which is just about all of them.

This alone has saved me an insane amount of money. As I described above, before N26 I had been paying about 5% per transaction when using any of my other debit or credit cards, which added up to nearly $100/month for me.

It took me years to realize how much I was paying in ATM and currency exchange fees, but now that I see it, I’m ashamed that I didn’t make the switch earlier.

In contrast, here’s a screenshot showing the recent withdrawal of 7,220 Thai baht that I made from an ATM in Bangkok, alongside the real exchange rate from xe.com. Since my withdrawal occurred at 7:36pm Thailand time (7 hours ahead of UTC), the closest historical exchange rate I could find was from 24 minutes later, though you can clearly see that I’m paying the mid-market rate.

N26 Review - Currency Exchange N26 xe.com

It’s also worth noting that with all N26 accounts, including N26 You, you pay the real exchange rate on every foreign purchase too, so paying by card is a great option anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard.

#4 Travel & Medical Insurance

One of the most valuable perks of N26 You is the travel and medical insurance coverage that comes with the card. Here’s a quick outline of what’s covered:

Pay-per-day travel insuranceInsurance already included
Flight/baggage delay insurance (after 4 hours)Up to €400
Reimbursement for stolen cashUp to €500
Reimbursement for stolen mobile phoneIncluded up to €300
Extended warranty on purchasesUp to €500
Trip cancellation insuranceUp to €5,000
Car rental / public transportation accident insuranceYES

Note: If you’re looking for a truly watertight travel insurance policy, check out our review of SafetyWing insurance, which offers an extremely comprehensive $37/month policy. Our ultimate recommendation? Combine N26 & SafetyWing together for truly incredible coverage.

#5 The Costs

Monthly Fee€9.90/month
Foreign Currency ATM WithdrawalsFree
Account Overdraft8.9% per annum
Bank TransfersFree up to an unlimited amount

If earning cashback on your transactions is important to you, take a look at N26 Business, which pays a flat rate of 0.1% cashback on every transaction made on your account (that’s $100 back for every $10,000 spent).

#6 Comparing N26, N26 You and N26 Metal

N26 StandardN26 YouN26 Metal
Monthly Fee€0€9.90€16.90
Free ATM withdrawals in Euros
0% Foreign Payments Fee In Any Currency
Worldwide ATM Withdrawal Fees1.7%0%0%
Travel Insurance
Extended Warranty
Cash Protection
Mobile Phone Theft Insurance
Access to MasterCard World Elite Benefits
Dedicated Customer Support
Partner Offerings
Tungsten Card

Note: N26 also offers N26 Business, an account designed for freelancers and small business owners.

N26 You is focused on providing an excellent banking experience for frequent travelers and digital nomads.
N26 You is focused on providing an excellent banking experience for frequent travelers and digital nomads.

#7 N26 You vs. Revolut Premium

If you’re doing research on online banks, odds are you’ve come across Revolut, too. As we learned more about Revolut (and even wrote a full Revolut review), though, we realized that they simply can’t compete with N26.

N26 You has a far-superior insurance plan to Revolut Premium, better currency exchange rates on foreign transactions and ATM withdrawals, and a lot more. As such, we cannot recommend Revolut.

Here’s a very quick summary of the differences:

N26 YouRevolut Premium
Monthly fee€9.90/month£7/month
ATM withdrawal limitNo limit£400/month, 2% fee thereafter
Travel & medical insuranceExcellentMediocre
Virtual disposable cardsNOYES

This comparison doesn’t look as lopsided as it actually is. When you factor in just how much better N26’s insurance policy is than Revolut’s, and how much you’ll save on ATM withdrawals (taking out £2,000/month will cost you £32 in fees with Revolut Premium), N26 You handily beats Revolut Premium every time.

#8 The Quantitative Case For N26 You

From a purely quantitative standpoint, there is a clear breaking point: when you withdraw €582 of a foreign currency in a given month. Why €582? It’s simple.

N26 You saves money for everyone withdrawing €582 or more of a foreign currency in any given month.

If you are a regular N26 user, you pay 1.7% on foreign cash withdrawals, which is a withdrawal of any currency other than Euros. If you’re an N26 You user, you don’t pay any fee for those foreign withdrawals, but you do pay €9.90/month. So, if we divide €9.90 by 1.7%, you get €582, the monthly breakeven point that makes it financially worth it to you to get N26 You.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors that play in here as well, most notably the travel, medical and purchase insurance coverage that comes with N26 You. That’s a bit tougher to quantify, though, since you can’t predict when you’ll need to use it, so this €582 breakeven point is a good reference.

#9 How To Sign Up For N26 You

We’re very confident that N26 You is the best premium banking product for most people, digital nomad or not. It’s easy to use, offers a host of relevant benefits, and offers far more value than its €9.90 monthly fee.

You don’t need an N26 promo code to sign up for N26 You–simply click the button below and you’re all set.

#10 N26 You FAQs

Can I use N26 if I’m not a European citizen?

As you can see here, you can open an N26 account from any of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and the United States.

For example, I'm Canadian, but I signed up for N26 as soon as I moved to Berlin.

If you live in one of the countries above AND are a citizen of one of the 164 countries below, you can sign up for N26:

N26 AfghanistanN26 AlbaniaN26 Algeria
N26 AngolaN26 AnguillaN26 Antigua and Barbuda
N26 Argentina N26 Armenia N26 Aruba
N26 Australia N26 Austria N26 Azerbaijan
N26 Bangladesh N26 Barbados N26 Belarus
N26 Belgium N26 Belize N26 Benin
N26 Bermuda N26 BhutanN26 Bosnia and Herzegovina
N26 BotswanaN26 BrazilN26 British Indian Ocean Territory
N26 British Virgin IslandsN26 BruneiN26 Bulgaria
N26 BurundiN26 CambodiaN26 Cameroon
N26 CanadaN26 Cape VerdeN26 Cayman Islands
N26 ChileN26 ChinaN26 Colombia
N26 ComorosN26 CroatiaN26 Cyprus
N26 Czech RepublicN26 Democratic Republic of the CongoN26 Denmark
N26 Dominican RepublicN26 East TimorN26 Egypt
N26 El SalvadorN26 EritreaN26 Estonia
N26 EthiopiaN26 FijiN26 Finland
N26 FranceN26 GambiaN26 Georgia
N26 GermanyN26 GhanaN26 Gibraltar
N26 GreeceN26 GrenadaN26 Guatemala
N26 GuineaN26 Guinea-BissauN26 Honduras
N26 Hong KongN26 HungaryN26 Iceland
N26 IndonesiaN26 IranN26 Iraq
N26 IrelandN26 IsraelN26 Italy
N26 Ivory CoastN26 JamaicaN26 Japan
N26 JordanN26 KazakhstanN26 Kenya
N26 KyrgyzstanN26 LaosN26 Latvia
N26 LebanonN26 LesothoN26 Liberia
N26 LiechtensteinN26 LithuaniaN26 Luxembourg
N26 MacauN26 MadagascarN26 Malawi
N26 MalaysiaN26 The MaldivesN26 Malta
N26 MauritiusN26 MexicoN26 Micronesia
N26 MoldovaN26 MonacoN26 Montenegro
N26 MontserratN26 MoroccoN26 Mozambique
N26 MyanmarN26 NamibiaN26 Nepal
N26 New ZealandN26 NicaraguaN26 Nigeria
N26 NiueN26 NorwayN26 Oman
N26 PanamaN26 Papua New GuineaN26 Paraguay
N26 PeruN26 PhilippinesN26 Poland
N26 PortugalN26 Republic of the CongoN26 Yemen
N26 RomaniaN26 RussiaN26 Rwanda
N26 Saint HelenaN26 San MarinoN26 São Tomé and Principe
N26 SenegalN26 SerbiaN26 Seychelles
N26 Sierra LeoneN26 SingaporeN26 Slovakia
N26 SloveniaN26 SomaliaN26 South Africa
N26 South KoreaN26 SpainN26 Sri Lanka
N26 SwedenN26 SwitzerlandN26 Taiwan
N26 TajikistanN26 TanzaniaN26 Thailand
N26 The NetherlandsN26 The VaticanN26 Togo
N26 TongaN26 Trinidad and TobagoN26 Tunisia
N26 TurkeyN26 TurkmenistanN26 Turks And Caicos
N26 TuvaluN26 UgandaN26 Ukraine
N26 United Arabian EmiratesN26 United KingdomN26 United States of America
N26 UruguayN26 UzbekistanN26 Vietnam
N26 Zimbabwe

Is TransferWise safe to use?

YES. Millions of people, including myself, use TransferWise (the currency conversion platform that N26 has partnered with) to send money to international friends or businesses every month. They’re a completely reputable money transfer service, and unlike other banks, you receive regular updates on the status of your transfer as it’s being sent. Due to their unique approach to currency conversions, you pay about 8x less in fees than you would by sending money through a traditional bank. There have been zero reported cases of TransferWise fraud. Based in London, we reviewed TransferWise here.

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