How To Get Shopee Orders Shipped To Australia

How To Get Shopee Orders Shipped To Australia

Shipping items you buy from Shopee to Australia used to be a hassle, but not anymore. This post lays out a dead-simple process for getting your order from Shopee—or any other retailer that doesn’t ship to Australia—shipped right to your doorstep in Australia with zero trouble and minimal fees.

The key is in using Anytime Mailbox, a package forwarder that will accept your order in a country that Shopee ships to and then forward it on to you in Australia. Regardless of the Shopee store you’re buying from, this method works smoothly.

Shopee is an e-commerce brand that sells everything from makeup to technology, housewares to jewelry. Founded in 2015, Shopee is based in Singapore and serves customers across Southeast Asia and South America.

Does Shopee Ship To Australia?

No, Shopee does not ship to Australia, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Shopee order shipped to Australia with zero headaches.

It involves using Anytime Mailbox, which gives you a unique mailbox in Southeast Asia that will accept your Shopee order and forward it on to you in Australia.

Here’s the exact process, explained step-by-step.

How To Get Shopee Orders Shipped To Australia

Step 1: Choose A Package Forwarder

Choosing the right package forwarder is a big deal, because that decision will determine how quickly you receive your order, and how much you have to pay for the service. I spent many hours doing some deep research on fourteen different virtual mailboxes, scoring each of them on a wide variety of relevant metrics. Here are five of the main metrics I looked at:

  • Service Fees: How much do they charge to provide their core service of accepting and shipping packages, plus ancillary services such as long-term storage, re-packing, package consolidation, and more.
  • Monthly/Annual Fees: How much do they charge in monthly or annual fees, if at all.
  • Pricing Transparency: How much do I know about their pricing structure before sending my order to their warehouse.
  • Speed: How quickly will they process my package.
  • Customer Service: How satisfied are other users with their service, and how thoroughly/quickly do they respond to my questions.

After reviewing the data I collected on these and other metrics, it became clear to me that Anytime Mailbox was the best choice for this job. Their customer service team responded to my emails quickly and thoroughly, they have thousands of 5-star reviews online, and their fees were consistently lower than all of the other package forwarders I looked at.

Here are a few other things I like about Anytime Mailbox:

  • Anytime Mailbox has thousands of mailbox locations all around the world. This is essential for buying from Shopee, because you’ll need a mailbox in Southeast Asia to place your order and have it forwarded on to you.
  • Anytime Mailbox has tax-free warehouses in many locations so you can avoid paying sales tax on your orders.
  • Anytime Mailbox will consolidate multiple packages into a single box, significantly reducing shipping costs when you make multiple purchases.
  • Anytime Mailbox sends you free photos of your package as soon as it arrives at their warehouse.
  • Anytime Mailbox offers extremely cheap storage for your packages. Every package receives 10 days of free storage, but after that, Anytime Mailbox only charges one cent per pound per day. That means storing a 1-lb package in their warehouse for a month only costs $0.30!

Step 2: Ship Your Order To Anytime Mailbox 

As soon as you’ve signed up for Anytime Mailbox, you’ll receive a unique mailing address at the warehouse of your choice. Once you decide on the items you want to buy from Shopee, just enter your Anytime Mailbox mailing address on their site and have your items shipped there.

For example, suppose you’re buying something from Shopee Indonesia. In that case, all you need to do is search for Indonesia within Anytime Mailbox’s list of locations, choose one of their Indonesian mailbox locations, and have your item shipped there.

Here are the number of mailbox locations Anytime Mailbox has in several of the Southeast Asian countries that Shopee operates in:

  • Singapore: 4
  • Indonesia: 2
  • Malaysia: 2
  • Thailand: 1
  • Philippines: 1

Anytime Mailbox has mailboxes in dozens of countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and many others across Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, making it an extremely convenient way to buy products from around the world while shopping online.

Step 3: Forward Your Package

As soon as your order arrives at Anytime Mailbox’s warehouse, they’ll send you detailed photos of your package to let you know it’s arrived. You’ll also be given a variety of shipping options to choose from.

I find that there’s generally at least 4 shipping options corresponding to 4 different price-speed combinations. Sometimes there can be as many as 10 or more shipping options—it just depends on the weight, size and value of your package.

My Personal Experience

I’ve used Anytime Mailbox more than a dozen times to ship Shopee purchases to different parts of the world, and the experience has always been very smooth. Here’s how things went the last time I did it.

First, since I was ordering from Shopee Thailand, I had my order sent to my unique address at an Anytime Mailbox location in Bangkok. Less than 48 hours later, I received an email from Anytime Mailbox letting me know that my order had arrived, which is extremely quick.

Second, I filled in Anytime Mailbox’s super-easy customs declaration form with the four pieces of information required:

  1. The item being shipped
  2. The number of items being shipped
  3. The value of the item
  4. Whether the item contains batteries

Third, I chose the shipping option I wanted from a list of eight. Prices ranged from $6-$35 USD, plus insurance at an additional $2 USD, so I chose the cheapest one ($8 USD, including the insurance), and I was done. My package was shipped out later that same day, and when it arrived, everything was in perfect shape.

In Summary

Overall, getting Shopee items shipped to Australia is extremely easy and smooth when you use Anytime Mailbox. The costs are low, and in my experience you’ll actually end up saving money, since buying direct from Shopee is often cheaper than buying from other comparable retailers in Australia.

If you’re buying from Shopee, or any other retailer that doesn’t ship to Australia, I’m confident that Anytime Mailbox will serve you well.

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  • Hi, I wanted to ask if shipping prices were still costly if you were to buy bulk orders on shopee using anytime mailbox’s service to forward it to you. Could you please let me know?

  • I only want to order a product from Shopee to be delivered to Sydney, do I need a monthly plan for a one off order? If not what would the cost be? So, is the all up cost, cost of product, shipping cost to Australia, monthly fee and then pick up cost? Any ideas of shipping small parcel to Australia?

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