Photography by Karen Ng

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Karen Ng is a photographer based in Hong Kong. Known for her creative use of contrast and an extreme attention to detail, she captures beauty through photos all over the world.

With photography expeditions to China, Japan, Iceland, Australia, and all over Europe already under her belt in 2016, Karen’s not an easy one to keep up with. Try your best to follow her frequent movements on Instagram.

I’m Karen Ng, and this is How I Travel.

Karen Ng, k_a_r_e_n_gKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g

What do you love most about traveling?

So many different things! Travel is constantly bringing you new new experiences, and there’s always something unexpected happening, which motivates me to find new ways of exploring the world around me in my day-to-day life. But also meeting people from around the world and gaining exposure to new cultures makes me a better person. I don’t know who I would’ve become if I wasn’t traveling.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through all your travels?

The world is so big and beautiful that you should always be happy with where you’re at right now! Never
stop learning and traveling – you won’t ever regret it.

Karen Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g

How has travel changed you as a person?

You’ll never learn more about yourself until you leave your comfort zone.

I was raised in Hong Kong and moved to the UK on my own when I was 14, and it’d be an understatement to say that I struggled with the language and cultural differences there. At first I hoped someone would come to me and help me solved all of my problems, but after a while I discovered that no one will help you unless you ask for it! The beginning was tough, but it taught me my independence, something I’ve carried with me ever since.

Karen Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g

What’s the one travel experience/story that has had the biggest impact on you?

So many stories come to mind, but if I have to choose just one, it’d be my first trip to Iceland.

It was a late December day, and a heavy snowstorm promised to interrupt our trip to the Golden Circle. With nothing to see but sheer white outside the windows of our bus, the snow was so heavy and thick that we got stuck on the edge of a mountain. Our driver said it was the heaviest snowstorm he’d ever seen! Still, with our other option being to wait out the storm and risk freezing in the bus, once we got the bus unstuck the driver decided to drive through the storm until we could reach safety. It was scary, that’s for sure!

Even though nothing truly bad happened that day, the experience showed me how quickly things can change and how short life can be. So if you want to do something, whether you’re traveling or just in everyday life, do it now – you may not get another chance!

Karen’s 8 Favorite Travel Items

My RAINS Mini Backpack

Travel itemsKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g

A waterproof backpack is an absolute must for me when I’m traveling. Of course, since I’m always carrying my camera, lenses, and even my tripod around, a bag with enough space is important too! My RAINS Mini Backpack strikes the perfect balance to keep my equipment safe and dry.

My Canon AE-1

Film Camera 1Film Camera 2

If you haven’t noticed yet I’m basically obsessed with Canon, and I got this wonderful film camera from Brick Lane Market in London. I love how film gives out different colours and textures compare to SLRs, so I use it alongside my Canon 6D to get different effects.

My Canon 6D

Canon 6D 1Canon 6D 2

I bought my Canon 6D for myself as a gift after finding my first job. It’s the first full-frame camera I’ve used, and I absolutely love it. It fuels all of my Instagram posts, but the level of detail that the camera captures shines through so much more when you print them out in large format. I really can’t imagine choosing any camera brand other than Canon – their cameras are that good!

My Kaweco Calligraphy Pen

KawrecoRains Mini Backpack in Hong Kong

I received this as a graduation present. It’s not an expensive pen, but it’s accompanied me through all of my most important moments. I love using this pen to write postcards to my friends (and myself!) as a reminder of where I’ve been on all my travels.

My Dr. Martens

Dr Martin 1Karen Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g

I need shoes that I can use for hiking and when it’s raining, yet still match with all of my clothing! My black Dr. Martens do the job perfectly.

My MacBook Pro

Macbook 1Macbook 2

It goes without saying, but I love my MacBook Pro to death. Here I am editing some photos and searching for my next destination.

My Passport

PassportKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g

How can you travel abroad without your passport!? I love looking at all the stamps I’ve collected from different countries.

My iPhone 6


I love my iPhone as a travel tool for so many reasons! It’s perfect for finding directions, making sure I’m on track of everything and not missing any appointments, and gives me the flexibility to take quick photos when my cameras aren’t quite ready.

Karen in 60 Seconds

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Karen Ng, k_a_r_e_n_gKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_gKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_gKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_gKaren Ng, k_a_r_e_n_g